Adele Rain
District Three
(This Character Belongs to Shooting Starz)


Adele is tomboyish, and shy, but immensely intelligent. In fear of being reaped unprepared, she studies strategies, previous Games, etc. regularly. She appears cold on the outside, and warm inside. Makes friends slowly. She has based a few years of her childhood on studying for the Hunger Games. Therefore, she has a variety of skills that might help her in the Arena.


Adele's parents are both mechanics in Three. Naturally, she's grown up with vast knowledge of electronics and machines. But since Three specializes in electronics, no one ever needed Adele's parents for work. She led a pretty average life for a person in Three. Get up, have some berries for breakfast (and if it was a good day), or some bread and meat. Work on that new contraption you've made highly detailed blueprints for. Have some tea and bread for dinner. It went on like this for twelve years, until Adele's first Reaping. Her parents were shot for not taking her immediately to the Square, trying to hide her. After spinning a wild but believable tale about wanting to go to the Reaping, for her first shot at participating in the "Noble" Hunger Games, but her parents didn't want her to go. After close inspection, Adele was spared. But during the same day, she was Reaped. Almost immediately, her friend Fiona volunteered and was later killed in the initial bloodbath in the Arena. It was a rough few weeks, and what made it worse was that for the time of Fiona's Games, Adele was sent to live with Fiona's family. After seeing the hardships Adele was struggling to overcome, Fiona's brother gave Adele some metal scraps to work with. A day later, she had made a light-up giant wrench, imagining it sort of as a tribute to her District. Adele sent it to the Mayor of Three. Before the messenger came, Fiona's brother attached a note about Adele to the wrench without Adele's knowledge. His purpose for the note was later fulfilled, because the Mayor was interested in Adele. Believed she could do great things. So, he sent a letter back to Adele about letting her live in his mansion for a few weeks to see what she could do. Adele eagerly accepted, having always looked up to the Mayor.

She now lives in his large house, which is not quite a mansion but close. Adele has a room in the house which is where she invents, thinks, sleeps. Basically a bedroom with a workshop in it.

Adele Rain
"Oh, That Girl who Made the Wrench?"
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age Sixteen
Family -
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue-grey
Hair Colour Blonde
Height -
Affiliation Self, Capitol, Panem, the president, the games.
Weapons Her mind; Dagger
Home District 3
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -



  • Some work goggles
  • A picture of Fiona, her family, Adele, and her family
  • A necklace made out of tiny gears which Adele plans to use as a token if Reaped