Alice Easum

District Two

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On October 15th, Alice was born to Lory and Gryphon Easum. The youngest of 6 children, Alice had to find a way to stand out … and she did. She would always wear brightly colored clothes, would dance, sing loudly (though she had no talent for either of the later two), and often fought with her siblings (Pat, Bill, Elsie, Lacie, and Tillie). Alice was often referred to as “The Little Odd Girl” by people who didn’t know her well or saw her in public. Her brothers and one of her sisters (Lacie) grew up training with each other to be tributes. As soon as Alice could, she started training with them. She didn’t push as hard as they did, but it wasn’t as important to her because Lacie had always said that if one of her sisters was reaped she’d take their place. But when Lacie turned 19, Alice started to train harder.


Alice was a very happy person. She was always smiling and excited. Her siblings were her only friends, because she didn’t branch out very much. Alice was very quirky and always stood out in a crowd, despite her small size. She dressed eccentrically, and enjoyed singing loudly, and dancing, no matter who was watching. In short, she didn’t care what anyone else had to say. Even though she was small, she was strong too, which just goes to show that you can never judge a book by its cover.


Alice's outfits

Character Stats

Strength: 7
Luck: 3
Charisma: 5

Skill: 5

Alice Easum
”The Little Odd Girl”
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age Thirteen
Family Pat- Brother (25)

Bill-Brother (23)
Elsie- Sister (21)
Lacie- Sister (19)
Tillie- Sister (15)
Lory- Mother
Gryphon- Father

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 4’11"
Affiliation Self, District 2
Weapons Strength, and anything else she can get her hands on
Home District 2
Friends/Allies Siblings
Enemies N/A