Aurelie St.Albans
District 6 Escort
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Bubbly, and often quite vapid. She was never forced to do much book learning, and due to her upbringing, is quite used to getting what she wants, when she wants it. She does have times when she says something that's relatively smart, but I wouldn't hold your breath. She's usually very well-tempered and rarely gets mad unless pushed


Her Father Mason St. Albans was a prominent man back in district six, but lets just say he wasted a bit too much money on parties and booze, and ruined himself at a young age. His family quickly set him up with Joelle, seeing as her family was a group of gold and silver smiths that were quickly gaining wealth and influence in District Six. Joelle's family was excited to gain a promient family like St.Albans, and Mason needed the money. A few years after the marriage, they had Aurelie. Her father and mother, although their relationship was stressed, both loved their vibrant little daughter, adn agreed to give her everything she wanted, as soon as she wanted it. Due to this Aurelie became what you might call, spoiled rotten. She spent most of her time dreaming about the glorious captial she saw on television, and the beautiful people who lived there. When she found the Escourt postion was opened, she quickly appplied, since she wished to go to the capital. The Game Makers quickly agreed due to her prominent family and wealth. Upon her first Hunger games there, she went a bit crazy on the modifiactions and got her eyes pigmented to gold and had gold flecks emmbedded into her skin, in honor of Distric Six.

Aurelie St.Albans
District 6 Escort
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 22
Family Joelle St.Albans - Mother
Mason St.Albans - Father
Status Alive
Eye Colour Gold
Hair Colour Gold
Height 5'8"
Affiliation District 6
Weapons -
Home District 6
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -