Corbin Mack


Corbin was born to a mildly okay family in District 9. His mom and dad were grain farmers, well his dad was and his mother was a secretary for the boss of the processing plant that they both worked for. They got married after dating for several years and then had Corbin. Corbin never had to apply for tessere because his family was well off. During school he usually was the bully but during the Reapings he was scared. During the second to last Reaping he thought he heard his name called but his friends stopped him.


Corbin is a hard working man from his district that was taught that no matter what happens he has to work hard to overcome it. He's a bit above average when it comes to his smarts. He's able to identify trees just but looking at the bark.


A golden trowel left by his grandfather.

Corbin's trowel


Corbin is very handy with any blade weapons especially scythes and sickles.