Dahlia Prewett
(This Character Belongs to Shooting Starz)


Dahlia Prewett used to be a perfectly normal citizen of District 11 in all but one way - she had done anything but given life up, unlike most of the people she knew. She hummed songs as she worked in the fields, and the warm weather suited her sunny personality. She never got reaped. Her life was pretty nice for a District 11 citizen. Lots of the people who worked near her turned to her for help, and she was always excited to get them out of the dumps. She had a friend named Lucas who was always a bit of a rebel. He always wanted to escape 11, fed up with the capitol more than any other depressed field worker of 11. Luckily, Dahlia was always there to calm him down and try to convince him that they should just make the best of their situation.

On the day of Dahlia's last reaping (he was a year older), Lucas pulled her away into the woods against her will, trying to save her. But he had not thought the action through. As it was reaping day, Peacekeepers were patrolling everywhere, including in the woods. They caught the two, who weren't exactly moving silently, as Dahlia kept screaming for him to stop. Little did she know it would be the last word she ever said. The Peacekeepers had surrounded them. They aimed their guns at Dahlia first, but Lucas desperately shouted for them to kill him instead. They obliged, but not after they cut out Dahlia's tongue right in front of him. With Lucas dead and her an Avox, Dahlia finally began to see the dark side of the world. Dahlia now tends to District 4's Apartment in the Training Center.

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 25
Family -
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Dirty blond
Height 5'7"
Affiliation District 11 (secretly), the Capitol, District 4
Weapons -
Home District 11 (formerly), the Capitol

Profession Avox


Forced into silence, Dahlia obviously cannot show her personality through speech. However, she is thoughtful, gentle, and overoptimistic, with a lingering hope in the back over her mind that someday she will get back to 11, her voice will be restored, and life will be normal again.


  • Her father taught her every song she used to sing in the fields
  • Dahlia likes to people-watch the District 4 tributes and mentors she tends to since they are quite different from the people of District 11.