This is the train in which the district 10 tributes shall be transported to the Capitol

Passangers AboardEdit

  1. Kasey Bott
  2. Posh Elurra
  3. Desiree Tatum
  4. Markas Delecroix


Markas steps onto the train looking sad.

Desiree sits down stiffly and talks softly to herself. "I can't kill. I don't kill. I'm so dead. Oh, please forgive me, Sherry..."

Markas:He moves closer to her. Hey, you ok?

Desiree: She forces a smile. "Yeah, of course... alright, no, not at all. I didn't even have the heart to kill the meanest cow in the herd last year. How can I possibly kill humans who have the same right to live as I do?"

Markas: He pulls her into a hug. Hey, we'll figure it out. I told your sister I'd have your back, so like it or not, you're stuck with me.

Desiree: She smiles a small, but genuine, smile. "Well, you seem like you have a fighting chance, so that's good."

Markas:Yea, neither of us are dying if I can help it.

Desiree: She puts her fear behind her for the time being, and starts thinking strategy. "Do you think there'll be whips to use? Sometimes we have to whip the misbehaving cows, and I'm - I hate saying this - kind of good at it."

Markas: No telling. Though, whips wound, not kill. I'm good with sickle, we could use that....

Desiree: I suppose... I can be really quiet, so I suppose I can sneak around. The good news is, the arenas always provides hiding spots somehow, and usually in convienient places.

Markas:Smiles. Well, m'friend. It looks like we got the whole "Cloak and dagger thing" going on.

Desiree: It seems we do. She smiles as well.

Markas: Well, we oughta get some shut-eye

The train pulls into the Capital Station