This is the train in which the District 1 tributes shall be transported to the Capitol

Passangers AboardEdit

  1. Yolanda Hart
  2. Vivixa
  3. Phoebus White
  4. Sapphire Celeste


Yolanda walks onto the train with the rest of the passengers following.

Phoebus: So you'll be mentoring us?

Yolanda: Yes, yes I am darling.

Phoebus: Rolls his eyes. This should be fun (!)

Yolanda: Mr. White, there's no need to roll your eyes. It is not very polite.

Phoebus: Replicating Yolanda's sicky sweet smile. Well, Ms Hart, You're not the one who has to embrace their imminent death in two weeks.

Yolanda: Oh, District 1 always does great, you have no reason to worry.

Sapphire: Well, start telling us stuff already. The sooner the better, right?

Yolanda: She seems like she has no clue what she's talking about. Well, first find water. Number one objective.

Sapphire: She narrows her eyes. And how exactly, do we do that.

Yolanda: Um, you look for it?

Sapphire: Okay, since you are clearly incapable at finding water. How about keeping warm?

Yolanda: Ooh! I have this amazing cashmere sweater!

Sapphire: She glares at Yolanda. You're pathetic.

Yolanda: Now that's not very nice sweetheart.

Sapphire: You think I care? Now how about sponsors, what is the best way to get them?

The train pulls into the capital station