This is the train in which the district 9 tributes shall be transported to the Capitol

Passangers AboardEdit

  1. Florent Scabior
  2. Kalysta Sareph
  3. Dia Templeton
  4. Bernard Foster
  5. Selene Tanojo


Dia: Dee walks in and sits at the table and nibbles on a cookie.

Bernie: Sits in a corner and cries

Dee: Wtf is this? She walks over to him. Of course, another little cry baby to make District 9 a laughing stalk. How awesome. Seriously kid, shut up. No one wants to hear you crying. We're all dying. You're not the only one, you little obvious brat.

Bernie: Stops crying and glares at her. I'm crying cause you're probabbly gonna be killed first. pouts.

Dee: Kid, you're asking to get punched in the throat. Let's talk about how you're going to be killed before you get off the platform: 1.) you're name's Bernie. 2.) You're pissing me the fuck off so I'll be the one to cut you straight down the middle and watch as your guts explode everywhere. Then I'll walk around covered in a little boy's blood so no one will mess with me. I'm not afraid of you, little boy. So watch out.

Kalysta: Before the fight can continue, Kalysta steps into the train car, a large sketchpad in her hand. Hello! I'm Kalysta, Dia's stylist. And Dia, I have your outfit ready for the chariots.

Dee: If you are going to make me look like a stripper, whore, or a cotton ball, you may redesign it, as I'd rather go up there naked.

Bernie runs out of the train cariage into his room.

Dee: Grins. What a kid. I can't wait to slaughter him like a little lamb soon.

Kalysta: She ignores Dee's comment about Bernard. She leans in close, and her expression is threatening. "You'll wear what I give you or you will go up there naked. I don't care." She steps back and a smile returns. "Besides, I think you'll like this. I even drew it with your hair!" She turns the sketch around, and it looks like this:


Dee: I like it. And don't threaten me, princess. I will be your worst nightmare. I already have plans for the kid, I'm not scared to take down a full-grown woman, too.

Kalysta: Sort of like how I'm not afraid to strangle you with some scrap fabric. And I'm glad you like the design. I'm going to go and start making it now. She leaves.

Dee: Dee shakes her head and sips some tea.

Selene: Selene walks in, carrying her cat. Her cat hisses at the tributes. Well, well, no need to get so angry, Grace. Selene faces the tributes, a sinister smile is brought to her lips. Hello, as you guys already know, I'm Selene. I'm going to be helping you bring the best out of you during your interviews, so you may want to cooperate with me.

The train pulls into the Capital Station