Ira Boyce
District Seven
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Ira had a very warm, out-going personality. He had a way with words that sometimes caught even his sister off guard. Even though he put up a very good fight, it seemed Ria was always a little better than him. But he always told himself, “Why do you have to be good at something if you can talk someone else into doing it for you?” He cared very much for his sister and always tried to get her friends. He always wondered how she could live without them. Unfortunately for him, he was never successful in his goal, and got particularly annoyed when she scared them off. He always felt that he had to protect her. She never told him that he didn’t need to and always conveniently forgot to mention all the times she had stood up for him or picked up where he fell short.


On October 6th, Amelia Boyce gave birth to twins, the first born named Ria, the second named Ira. The Boyce’s were a working class family from District 7. Ira and his sister did everything together and were very close. They were also very competitive, especially when it came to training. While Ria excelled at work based tasks, Ira was always good with people. He had many friends, though his best friend was Mathew Gray.


Ira's Card

When they were 6, Ira and Ria both gave each other a playing card. This is the one Ria gave to him. He keeps it with him wherever he goes.

Character Stats

Strength: 4
Luck: 5
Charisma: 8

Skill: 4

Ira Boyce
Ira Boyce
District 7
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 13
Family Ria Boyce- Sister
Amelia Boyce- Mother
David Boyce- Father
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue/Green
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'3"
Affiliation Self, District 7
Weapons Words, Axes
Home District 7
Friends/Allies Ria Boyce, Mathew Gray
Enemies N/A