Katrina Huffman
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Hannelore and Johan Huffman
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5"5
Affiliation District 3
Weapons None
Profession Lazy Daughter/Factory Worker
Home District 3


Katrina was born to Johan and Hannelore, both hard workers who came from lower-middle class families, that worked to raise themselves into the upper-class of their district. They always expected that Katrina would have the same hard working personality that they did. When she was younger, Katrina tried to be like them. In school she tried her hardest and tried to be smarter than the rest of the kids around her, so that her parents would be proud of her. But as she got older, she grew tired of the pressure her parents exerted on her and wanted to be nothing like them. So she left school when she was 14 and started to act differently. She started to do whatever she wanted, hung out with the workers in the town center, messed around with some of the boys from the factory, and basicly did everything she could to bother her parents. They grew worried of her behavior and sent her to work in one of the factories that her father runs. Still she refused to work much and gained quite a few enemies.


She messes around with people and usually tries to use them when she can. She also thinks that she's above other people and won't listen to them unless they make her. Her family basicly supports her on their own so she doesn't really work much at all either. Still underneath that is the girl she used to be: hardworking and smart. These two qualities help her get out of trouble whenever she does happen to get stuck in it.


She is lithe and rather small in build, her long blonde hair reaching her mid-back. She has pale green eyes.

Character Stats

Strength: 4
Luck: 2
Charisma: 6

Skill: 6