Kayla Bowling

District Nine

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Kayla was born on December 21st, to Naomi and Declan Bowling. She is the eldest of two children and absolutely adores her little sister. She would always joke with Kelsey telling her she was “The greatest thing since burnt toast” feeling that the old stand-by sliced bread was to cliché. She spent lots of time with her parents. They had a tradition were every night at dinner they would tell each other about their day in 30 seconds. The one who got closest (without looking at a clock) to 30 seconds, would get to eat first. When she was 12 she found a puppy wandering the streets. After taking it home and begging her parents to let her keep it, they agreed. She named it Dusty.


Kayla was very funny. She was always cracking jokes. She was extremely loyal to her family and friends. They were very important to her. She was very polite. She was athletic and active. She was always quick to help anyone who needed it. It was just natural to her to help people.


Kayla loved her little sister. She was very protective of her.



Her dog, Dusty

Character Stats

Strength: 6
Luck: 4
Charisma: 7

Skill: 3

Kayla Bowling
District 9 Tribute
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age Thirteen
Family Kelsey- Sister (6)

Naomi- Mother

Declan- Father

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Colour Dirty Blond
Height 5'1"
Affiliation Self, District 9
Weapons None yet
Home District 9
Friends/Allies N/A
Enemies N/A