Parvati Mosil
The Mute Mayor
(This Character Belongs to Shooting Starz)


While Parvati is strictly no-nonsense when it comes to business, she is very easygoing, collected, and kind usually. She rarely becomes embarrassed except for when she makes a typo while trying to talk through her translator,and the word comes out funny.


Parvati is the child of two miners. When she was four a man was beaten, whipped, bloodied, and finally killed by the Head Peacekeeper of Twelve. The man was the old mayor. He had committed a crime, and believing he would set a bad example for the rest of 12, the president had him executed.

The execution took place in the square, where reapings were held. Everyone was forced to come, everyone was forced to watch. It scared little Parvati so bad, she went mute. But she decided on one thing - she wouldn't let lack of speech stop her from avenging the mayor. She would grow up, and become mayor herself.

Her plan worked. At the age of 14, she acquired a small translating device which a Peacekeeper had dropped, finding it on the street. She found it would work much better in a campaign than her numerous notebooks of things she was "saying." It had different settings such as voice, volume, language, and more. All Parvati had to do was type what she wanted to say on a tiny keypad.

By this time, the Peacekeeper who had killed the old mayor had taken the position of running twelve. Parvati used her notebooks instead of her device - after all, she shouldn't have had the translator - to tell the Peacekeeper that she was taking an interest in being the mayor. At first, of course, the Peacekeeper refused. A mute mayor? Seriously? And she was only 14. So Parvati let it go, for fifteen entire years. This time when she went to the Peacekeeper, she used her translating device. And she told a tale to the Peacekeeper... part of it involving that she was related to the mayor of Four. This was a lie, of course, but it made the Peacekeeper take her into consideration.

It took another year, but in the end, Parvati became Mayor. The Peacekeeper had been getting old and wanted to retire, anyways.

Madam Mosil
The Mute Mayor
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 35
Family -
Status Alive
Eye Colour Pale Blue
Hair Colour Dirty Blonde
Height 5'7"
Affiliation Self, District 12
Weapons -
Home District 12
Friends/Allies -
Enemies Enemies of Twelve



*The Translating Device

  • An inter-district communicator to speak with residents of other districts