Ria Boyce
District Seven
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Ria was born a twin on October 6th to Amelia and David Boyce. Her twin brother’s name was Ira. She was born into a working class family in District 7. She and her brother were always very close, and were always competitive. It didn’t matter what it was, from throwing rocks, to cutting down trees. They started training for the job at age 5 when they picked up their first axe. She became very skilled at everything involved, more so than her brother. He was always more of a people person (much unlike her). He was always the most important person in her life.


Ria was almost always happy, except when she was mad. Then, you never wanted to be around. She could get very scary, even if she was a small girl. She was never very social, preferring to work alone, except with her brother. He was always trying to introduce her to his friends, but she always declined or scared them away. She was always looking for opportunities to learn, whether it be skills for the job or intelligence.

Despite her outward coldness, she was very caring. She would always help someone if she could. She would do anything she could, especially for her brother. She would sacrifice her own life to save him.


Ria, The Queen of Clubs

When they were 6, Ria and Ira both gave each other a playing card.This is the one Ira gave to her. On the back, he wrote 'Ria, the Queen of Clubs'.

Character Stats

Strength: 6
Luck: 4
Charisma: 2

Skill: 6

Ria Boyce
Ria Boyce
Lumber Jack
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age Thirteen
Family Ira Boyce - Brother

Amelia Boyce - Mother
David Boyce - Father

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'2"
Affiliation Self, District 7
Weapons Axe, Dagger
Home District 7
Friends/Allies Ira Boyce
Enemies N/A