Sabina twilight


Sabina Twilight is the escort for District Five. She was born to Horatio and Constance Twilight, two prominent gamemakers at their times. Due to this, she was always drawn towards the games: wondering how she could help or play a role in them. When she turned twenty, she became involved in helping the gamemakers: almost like an internship. When they realised how brilliant she was, and the determination she had, she became the escort for district 5. She is currently 34.


She is very mysterious around strangers, however she is very flamboyant and extravagant, using the words "darling", "honey" and "sweetheart" a lot. She has a thick, rich voice and has a fancy to all things luxury.


She dresses in midnight blue robes, with matching hair. Her skin is surgically altered to look paler and bluer. She also has large gold headdresses on her hair.