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Sarina FallonEdit

Britt snow2

I'm 16.

District 1. My weapon of choice? Knives. Why? It's a personal kill- being so close to your victim when you take their life.

I have a short fuse- dont mess with me.

My looks can be deceiving- don't trust one bit of me.

I am a high class bitch- dont get in my way.

Think you have what it takes to take me down? Well then, I'll see you in the arena.

Strength: 6
Luck: 7
Intelligence: 8

Family: 2 brothers: Gabe, 22 and Cale, 13. 1 sister: Caidance, 13 (twin to Cale)

More Sarina?Edit

Sarina is well known in her District- but not in any good matter. She is beautiful, yes- but her looks and fake personality can give others a false representation of the true Sarina Fallon. She is conniving and dark spirited, with only one thing in mind- train to kill. Her beauty fools the boys and she takes pride in making them look like fools when they try to hit on her. She is lethal in the training arena at home and sends countless underestimating victims to the hospital wing. But even though she is skilled and intelligent, she ends up in the middle of her family's arguments time and time again. Her father disagrees with her passion for training and her brothers have their hands full "keeping an eye" on her. Even so, she is oblivious to the amount of love and compassion she used to have for her family- and she suffers emotionally from the troubles.

Background on SarinaEdit

Belonging to a high class family has always created an easy life for Sarina. The Fallon family line has always had plenty more than enough to survive and the family maintains a level of arrogance over the others- and in Sarina's case, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Her mother passed when she was 10, resulting in the "new" Sarina that is training today. Before that, she was a loveable, quiet little girl with no care in the world. Her father, now succombed to a life lifting the bottle is useless in her mind and she has a hidden vengeance for him. Her older brother has always looked out for her and her younger brother is beginning to now. Caidance, her younger sister, is much like the "old" Sarina.