Violette "Viper" Simmons
Victor's Daughter
(This Character Belongs to Shooting Starz)

About Violette

Violette "Viper" Simmons is the adoptive daughter of the victor of the 85th Hunger Games, Lily Simmons. She does not have a father. Violette was adopted as a two-month-old by Lily, who wanted a child to someday win the Games as she had. Like most Two children, Violette trains for the Games in a special academy (her preferred weapons are her quick-thinking and her knife). Being the daughter of a Victor, Violette also gets the opportunity to be privately trained by her mother. Violette has the mindset that in everything she does, she must be prepared to kill and fight. For example: she has a leather bracelet, and the leather can be pulled back to reveal deadly spikes. Violette is very intelligent, and while she could go into the Games and win now, she prefers to wait to volunteer until age 18, as to ensure maximum probability of winning. Her nickname is Viper because she hates the name Violette and because of her quick reflexes. If anyone calls her Violette, she loses her temper (which she does quite often) and has disembodied many people's hands as a result.

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 15
Family Lily Simmons (adoptive mother)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Black-blue
Height 5'4"
Affiliation District 2, the Games, The President, Panem
Weapons Knife, intellect
Home District 2

Profession Tribute


Violette has blue-black hair than goes down to her chin, except for one little lock that is trapped in string the rusty red color that her District typically wears in the Games. She has big hazel eyes and pale skin. She is short, standing only 5'4.


  • Not only does her mother mentor her in fighting skills, but she also is training Violette in how to give the perfect interview for her personality.
  • Violette hates Capitol fashion. She believes that you can get into a fight to the death at any given moment and the Capitol residences would have no chance to stay alive with their outrageous costumes blocking them from performing necessary attacks.
  • Violette secretly loves learning about her ancestors from the U.S.A. She has many dusty old American history books.